KAVA Delegation Interest Form KAVA 委托表格
Hi there!

Thank you for your interest in supporting StakeWith.Us, a secure staking infrastructure provider based in Singapore for high quality PoS based protocols.

We willing be adding validation support for Kava, the DeFi chain built on Cosmos (MakerDAO for Cosmos). We would love to have your support as delegators to bootstrap the network together.

Feel free to reach out to @maigoh or @mcry89 on Telegram if you have further questions. Alternatively, join our telegram group to ask questions: https://t.me/stakewithus .




如果您还有其他问题,请随时在电报上与@maigoh或@ mcry89联系,或去我们的电报群询问:https://t.me/stakewithus
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How many Kava tokens do you want to StakeWith.Us? 您愿意委托几个Kava币给StakeWith.Us? *
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Leave your email with us and we'll add you into our monthly "Staker Digest", where we will also provide updates on Kava. 请留下您的电子邮件,我们将把您添加到我们的每月报“ Staker Digest”中,已得到关于Kava的消息。 *
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