i8 Sponsors Aston Martin Racing Asia & Brings You to Watch Thailand Super Series 2022 Live! / i8 赞助阿斯顿马丁亚洲车队 赢得2022泰国超级系列赛现场体验 

Big surprises await i8 members! i8 is proudly the latest sponsor for the British sports car manufacturer, Aston Martin Racing Asia! As such, you will see an Aston Martin Vantage GT4 presented in the i8.co logo wrapping appearing at the Thailand Super Series (TSS)! Join our promotions, and you stand a chance to attend and experience TSS live!  But i8 is all about being bigger, better, & faster! So, we are upping our prizes by giving away an all-new Aston Martin Vantage GT4 during the World Cup Qatar 2022 to one (1) lucky winner! No other online gaming platform has done this! Join now to win!

为了即将到来的 2022 年卡塔尔世界杯,i8准备了大惊喜送给会员!我们成为英国著名跑车制造商阿斯顿·马丁的新赞助商,你可以在泰国超级系列赛看到带有i8.co标志的Aston Martin Vantage GT4,参加我们的竞赛活动,将有机会亲自前往泰国现场观赛,一场刺激有趣的体验等你来赢取!
更令人兴奋的是,i8将在2022世界杯活动中送出Aston Martin Vantage GT4汽车大奖,从现在起,把握机会成为世界杯最大赢家!  

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《Promotion Participation》
1.New or current i8 members may join the promotion. Each member gets one (1) lucky draw upon reaching a valid betting amount of SGD300 during the promotion period. 
2.The higher the accumulated valid betting amount, the higher the chances of winning. Each member is eligible to join the lucky draw upon (i) reaching the valid betting amount & (ii) filling up the lucky draw participation form. Only a one-time (1 time) registration is required. Eligibility will remain active only during the promotion period. 
3.The winners of this lucky draw will be announced on 18 NOV 2022 before 18:00 on the i8 website. 
4.i8 will contact the winners and arrange for prize delivery after the promotion concludes.
5.The prizes are not exchangeable for cash, other equivalent items, or items of a higher price. *Winners are obliged to cooperate with i8 for any shooting for advertising, marketing, promotional, and video uses.
1. 不论新、老会员,于活动期间内有效投注达SGD300,即可获得一次抽奖机会,有效投注累积越高中奖机会越高。

2. 在活动期间完成投注并填写参加活动表单,即获得资格参与此幸运抽奖活动。每位会员仅须登记一次即可,活动资格均在活动期间内皆有效。
3. 本次抽奖活动将于2022年11月18日18:00前,于i8网站公布赢家。
4. 活动结束后,i8将会主动联系中奖者,安排奖品寄送事宜。
5. 此活动中奖者均不得要求兑换现金或其它等值商品,也不得加价换购其它商品。

会员帐号 / Username
请确保联系资料填写正确,如有不实、资料不全或错误导致无法联络通知,视同放弃中奖资格。/ Please ensure the information provided is accurate. False or inaccurate information causing the participant to be in contactable will be disqualified.
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