Join the Virginia Park Neighborhood Association!
Hi, welcome to Virginia Park in beautiful Hapeville, GA.

If you rent or own in Virginia Park, we want you to be a member of our Neighborhood Association!

It's FREE to attend our meetings, volunteer to help with neighborhood projects, receive out monthly email newsletter, and get to know your neighbors!

To be eligible to vote for officers and other items up for a vote, you must be pay dues annually. A max of 2 adults per household can be voting members.

Dues are $10 per person per year. So if two adults in a household want to be voting members, they would pay a total of $20 a year.

The money collected from dues is used for special projects such as our annual Halloween party or for funding initiatives (like installing Free Libraries or Park Benches) that the Neighborhood Association votes to work on.
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Are you interested in joining as a voting member? Dues are $10 per person per year. The maximum number of adults per household who can be voting members is 2.
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