“What Do I Expect of My Pastor?”
Church on the Hill
Pastor Search Committee
Church Member Questionnaire

In order to assist the Pastor Search Committee in its efforts, please prayerfully rank the following qualities as you would perceive their importance for our next pastor. Your participation in this exercise will greatly assist the Pastor Search Committee in its task.

Education minimum
Pastoral experience
Please use choose the level of importance from "not at all important" to "very important".
Not at all important
somewhat important
Fairly Important
Very Important
No Opinion
Preaching Ability
Teaching Ability
Church Family Minister
Community Supporter
Denominational Leader
Leadership skills
Visitor (Outreach)
What do you feel are the most important personal qualities or characteristics you would like to see in a pastor?
Your answer
What changes, if any, do you feel our new pastor should lead us to make in our church?
Your answer
What do you feel will be our new pastor’s greatest challenge as he leads our church?
Your answer
Pastoral candidates will likely have feelings regarding the ongoing “politics” within the Southern Baptist Convention. Which group listed below, if any, would you favor or prefer your future pastor to be identified/aligned with?
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