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We'd love to understand how we may be able to serve you better. Filling this out really helps us shape our product direction! Thank you in advance🙏
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Where do you reside? (most of the time?) *
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Tell us about your business/projects that you manage in Africa? *
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Tell us about the characteristics of your business *
E.g. number of employees, revenue, other details that you feel comfortable sharing with us that might help us gain a better understanding of your business.
Which countries in Africa do you send money to? *
Please list in order of amount sent
What's the approximate value that you send for business purposes to Africa every month? *
Please specify the currency ($, EUR, GBP, KES, UGx etc..)
On average, how frequently do you send money to Africa? *
E.g. 2 times per month
What is this money usually used for? - final use of the money *
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What services do you currently use to send money to Africa? *
example: Transferwise, Bank transfers (wire), carrying money in cash, etc..
What do you like and what don't you like about the services that you use? *
Think about this one really well as it helps us understand your pain points so we can build our product roadmap.
What would it take to convince you to make NALA your primary money transfer tool? *
(It can be a feature, functionality, characteristics or something else)
Are there any obstacles that might prevent you from making NALA your primary money transfer tool? *
Would it be okay if we reach out to you to ask you a few more questions about your answers? We want to build the best product and your feedback will help us build something that is truly useful to you. *
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