Your $2 Consultation
Hi there!

I'm Daniel. For a short time, I'm offering a one-time session of marketing, game design, or game development consulting for the price of an iced tea at Starbucks: $2.

Seriously, that’s it.

For $2, I’ll sit down and work through your marketing (or anything you'd like to discuss), find where it could use some improvement, and offer my suggestions—all in 25 minutes!

What kind of suggestions? Well, knowledge that I've acquired over the past half decade working in the games industry.

I've shipped over 2.1 million games on Steam, and grew social media audiences to well over half a million followers for both myself and my clients combined.

In short, I'll give you advanced and actionable strategies and tactics that you can't find with a quick Google search.

Lessons learned from me personally doing hundreds of marketing experiments.

Whether you're a small business owner in the gaming industry, an indie game development studio, or a newcomer to the industry, marketing can be summarized with the following:

Acquisition --> How are you acquiring new customers?
Engagement --> How are you making sure those customers are happy?
Retention --> How do you keep those customers coming back?
Revenue --> How are you maximizing the revenue from your customers?
Amplification --> How do you encourage your customers to spread the word?

At Black Shell Media, I've worked with hundreds of companies to improve all of those points.

Those metrics are what will turn your small business or game development project into a lean and mean growth machine.

Regardless of whether you're a fledgling indie developer, or an experienced industry professional, I can help you reach greater heights.

If you want to level up, this is your opportunity.

Are you in?

- Daniel Doan


Update (11/27/17): These promotional consults are on hold due to an overwhelmingly high volume of requests. Please fill out the form below to be added to the waiting list. (If you have a marketing consulting budget and would like to skip the waiting list, please send me an email:

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