ITAL Name Change Request Form
In concordance with the "ITAL Policy to Support Name Changes on an Author’s Prior Publications", an author who wishes to change the way their name is presented for reasons including (but not limited to) gender identity, marriage, divorce, or religious conversion are invited to make an appropriate request using this form. Form results will be shared with the editor of the journal and the minimal number of other ITAL volunteers to make the change effective. Please see the full name change policy at URL for full details.

Please contact Ken Varnum, Editor, at if you have any questions or concerns.
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I have updated my ITAL user profile ( with the name and email address I wish to associate with my identity. *
The name I previously used was: *
Please change my name to: *
My current email address is: *
Please list all articles that you would like to have updated to reflect your current name. For each article, please include the article title, the article DOI, and author name as it appeared *
I understand that ITAL editorial staff can not change references to your already-published work where it is cited in other ITAL articles, in articles published in any other journals (print or electronic), or in any databases that have indexed your work. Please contact Ken Varnum, Editor, at, with any questions or concerns you might have. *
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