Summer 2019 RWD Tutor Interest Form
RWD Tutor (Volunteer) Interest Form:

Read Write Discover is actively recruiting interested high school students to tutor for Summer 2019 at 11 library branches across the South Bay and San Francisco!

Read Write Discover is a non-profit organization that matches high school students with youth grades 1st through 8th in an effort to help improve their literacy skills. RWD targets students who are struggling in reading and writing or whose families face language barriers in their communities. Taking place at community libraries, the program occurs during the summer and provides services at a time when free, school-based programs are limited and many families cannot afford fee-based supplemental educational programs. RWD was founded in 2006 and has grown to serve hundreds of youth every year.

Read Write Discover aims to promote literacy through individualized lesson plans and the relationship between tutor and learner. We hope to build literacy confidence in youth, through summer tutoring in reading and writing. Through direct service, outreach, and engagement, Read Write Discover:
‣ Provides individualized lesson plans and literacy tutoring to elementary and middle school students
‣ Allows high school students to build leadership skills and gain autonomy and ownership in their respective programs
‣ Fosters a culture of community engagement for families and community members

What is the role of a RWD tutor?
Tutors are granted tremendous responsibility in their volunteer work with their learners. The learners are matched with tutors in either one-on-one tutoring or in groups of 3-4. Prior to the program’s start, all tutors are provided training in the program’s operation, literacy tutoring skills, and working with youth. Tutors prepare lesson plans for their learners based in reading, writing, and reading comprehension. Common activities include writing assignments, vocabulary, arts and crafts, tests, discussions, and more. Because tutors work with the same learner(s) week after week, they are able to develop mentorship relationships with their learners and serve as role models!

If you have any questions, please contact RWD's Executive Director Sarah Heraldo at

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