2015 MESA Day Volunteer Registration Form
Welcome! Thank you so much for registering to volunteer with MESA Day! Please take a few minutes to fill out this form.
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We really love it when volunteers can commit to the whole day-- but we understand that's not always possible. Members of a COMPANY TEAM must select the All Day shift. Thank you!
Lunch can be provided for All Day volunteers only. Please select the type of lunch you'd like.
Please leave blank if you do not want lunch provided.
Liability and Photo Release *
I understand there could be a risk of injury to me at MESA Day as a volunteer. Even though I kow there are risks at MESA Day, I agree to assume all risks and responsibilities surrounding my volunteering at MESA Day. I release the State of Oregon, the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, Portland State University and all of its schools or units and their respective members, officers, employees, and agents and Oregon MESA ("University Group") from all responsibility or liability for damage to me or my personal property arising out of MESA Day. There will also be a photographer at this event. I grant to the University Group the right to photograph me during my participation in the activities, giving the University Group the right to use my photograph without compensation.
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