Online Art Raffle - Wave 2
Please fill out this form to be entered in to the Online Art Gallery raffle. This year we are using numbers to identify art; make sure to take note of what number is listed under the piece that you like. Select five of your favorite pieces, with #1 being your favorite, #2 your second, and so on. (For example, #1 - 147 , #2 - 155, #3 - 80, etc.)

If we draw your name, you will get the first piece that is available from your list.

2017 Online Art Gallery:

All images in the art gallery have either a CBtS logo or artist watermark, which will be removed in the final print. Many of the pieces also include the artists' signatures, which will remain in the final print.

All prints MUST be picked up at the end of the event. We will email the winners with the time-frame you have to pick up your art. If you do not pick it up by the time as stated in the email, you forfeit your art.

You have until October 13th at 11:59:59pm EST to fill out this raffle form.

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