PMUN 2018 - Application for the Post of the Rapporteur
This form is for all those students who wish to apply for the prestigious post of the Rapporteur at PMUN 2018, scheduled to be held between 10th -12th August, 2018.
Message from the Secretariat
Respected Applicant,
Greetings from the PMUN 2018 Team!
Presidium Model United Nations Conference 2018 will be held between August 10th-12th, 2018, at Presidium, Gurgaon-57.

At PMUN 2018, we respect the position of a Rapporteur. Rapporteurs are not what they are made to be in most MUNs today. They are an integral part of the Executive Board, who can translate the knowledge and experience of other EB Members into the Delegates. They can mingle with the Delegates and understand their challenges, to help the Executive Board give better guidance. Rapporteurs are both, teachers and learners. Rapporteurs bridge the gap between the seniors and the juniors. An Executive Board is incomplete without a Rapporteur.

After carefully selecting a group of Chairpersons and Vice Chairs for each committee, we are looking for dedicated and hardworking individuals able to be the Leaders we envision Rapporteurs to be.

Fair warning, this task demands tedious amounts of hard work and commitment, much like any other substantive learning experience.

Guidelines for the Applicants
PMUN 2018 will have 11 committee simulations geared towards ensuring an unforgettable experience for all its participants. We hope to have the best Executive Board guiding these committees and helping us ensure that these objectives are met.

1. The post of a Rapporteur is open only to School Students from Grade X-XII.

2. Before filling the application, you are requested to go through the guidelines carefully, and in each section of the form, fill in relevant details.

3. Finally, submit a feedback of your experience while filling this form and help us make PMUN 2018 better so that you and your peers have an enriching experience.

4. The Secretariat will email you a time for a Telephonic Interview after receiving your complete application.

If you have any doubts, you can email us at

Stay tuned for more updates!


Committees at PMUN 2018
Presidium Model United Nations Conference 2018 shall be held on 10th, 11th and 12th of August. At PMUN 2018, we will be simulating the following committees:

Conventional Committees

UNGA III - SOCHUM : United Nations General Assembly III - The Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee
AGENDA - "Elimination of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance"

UNHRC -United Nations Human Rights Council
AGENDA : "Situation of human rights in Myanmar"

UNSC -United Nations Security Council
AGENDA - "The Promotion and Strengthening of rule of law in conflict situations with emphasis on post conflict peacebuilding."

UNW - United Nations Women
AGENDA - "Discussing the promotion of gender equality and education for supporting youth empowerment"

UNEA -United Nations Environment Assembly
AGENDA - "Addressing implementation of SDG 12 in least developed nations"

WHO - World Health Organization
AGENDA - "Review of Mental Health Action Plan (2013-2020) and the way forward"

UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund
AGENDA - "Discussion on the situation of migrant and refugee children at the risk of exploitation"

Specialised Committees

HLPF - High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development
**This is the official UN committee for Sustainable Development which will have stakeholders from various industries participating along with countries to discuss progress on the SDG's.**

AGENDA - "Assessing Future Trends in Employment in the face of Automation."

**This is the official UN global development network. It advocates for change and connects countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life.**

AGENDA -"Charting roadmap to the Youth Global Programme for Sustainable Development and Peace(YGPS)"

Stakeholders Meet on Youth Empowerment (SMYE)
**A stakeholder meeting is a strategic event for introducing stakeholders to each other, gaining commitment to usability and defining usability objectives based on objectives. At PMUN this novel simulation will address policy oriented questions to youth empowerment and is an open forum based discussion.**

AGENDA - "Charting roadmap to the Youth Global Programme for Sustainable Development and Peace(YGPS)"

11. CD - Citizens' Dialogue
**This is an open forum debate in which Members include Key Ministers, Media Persons, Industrialists, Activists, and 15 members who will be called 'Citizens of India' and will represent the public opinion and viewpoint regarding the issue being discussed.**

AGENDA - "Changing nature of gender roles in society with emphasis on empowerment through education."

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Previous MUN Experience. *
Please list out prior MUN Experience in the following format - NAME OF CONFERENCE AND YEAR OF ORGANISING - (PARTICIPATED AS (DELEGATE/EB/ORGANISING COMMITTEE) - AWARD WON (BEST DELEGATE/HIGH COMMENDATION/SPECIAL MENTION/VERBAL MENTION) or POSITION OCCUPIED IN EB (CHAIR/VICECHAIR/RAPPORTEUR). For example - JMCMUN 2018 - Delegate - Best Delegate. Kindly refrain from inputting incorrect, falsified or extrapolated information in this field. Experiences will be cross referenced and any error will lead to disqualification.
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What according to you is the difference between Management and Leadership?
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Describe a time and the experience, if any, when you took a Rapporteur position.
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What are your Strengths and Weaknesses as an individual, and as a team member?
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If you are selected as the Rapporteur of any committee in PMUN '18, what will be your Vision for the Conference?
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