Exploring Experiences of Gender & Climbing at the Middlebury Climbing Wall!
For my final project in Globalizing Gender, I am examining the role of gender and its influences on the culture of Middlebury's Climbing Wall. I'm hoping that this gathering of information and experiences will help to grow an understanding of how the space can become more open, accessible, and safe for Middlebury students (and what an open, accessible, and safe space looks like), as well as help to encourage more conversation and thought about inclusivity within our college community.

Feel free to answer in whatever degree of short & concise or long & expansive you would like, and feel free to skip any questions if you feel so inclined. By no means am I an expert sociologist, but I am a curious human and would love to better understand your experiences with and perceptions of climbing and the climbing wall here at Middlebury.

Thank you for so much for your time and your thoughts - they are greatly greatly appreciated!

(I feel it is important to acknowledge that climbing, both at Middlebury and in broader communities, has a certain set of attributes attached to it - historically and presently, much of climbing has been predominantly defined by white, wealthy and traditionally "masculine" men. There is certainly much to be said for exploring the role of race, class, and able-bodiedness in this discussion, but for the sake of this study and my brain's sanity, I will be attempting to focus more specifically on gender, while also recognizing that identity and experience are interconnected, complicated, and beautifully messy!)
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