2017 QCPride Awards Nominations

Thank You for your interest in the 2017 QCPride Awards. This nomination form allows you to nominate a person for each of the seven (7) award categories open for the 2017 QCPride Awards. You may SKIP any category you do not wish to make a nomination for.

See the results LIVE at the QCPride Awards Gala on June 14th.


    The criteria for each award is available at queencitypride.ca/nominate and will also appear before each award category during the process. To skip a category, simply select the option to NOT nominate someone for that category and you will move onto the next award.
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    Award Categories

    Up-and-Comer Award RBC Young Person of Pride Award Person of Pride Award UNIFOR Lifetime Achievement Award Kim Kosmynka Ally of the Year Award Creative Spirit Award Political Support in Pride Award

    Before You Begin...

    You will need the following for each nomination you make: 1 - Permission from each nominee to nominate them for the 2017 QCPride Awards 2 - The first and last name, preferred name, stage name, or company name of the individual or group you're nominating. 3 - The phone and/or email for each nominee. 4 - A brief bio of up to 100 words profiling each of your nominees.