DO NOT FILL THIS OUT UNLESS YOU HAVE TICKETS FOR A SHOW AND ARE 100% ATTENDING. We're looking for the most bizarre, embarrassing, hilarious, legendary, remorseful or secretive stories you have... the memories & stories that haunt you. AND OF COURSE! PARANORMAL STORIES AS WELL!! THESE MUST BE TRUE STORIES. ONLY REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES THAT YOU HAVE HAD. No topic is off limits what so ever but some examples are...
  • Horrendous way you decided to break up with someone
  • How you found out your significant other was cheating on you
  • Finally admitting to a prank or even a crime that no one knows you did
  • Your biggest regret or mistake
  • Something terrifying you came across or discovered
  • Horrible way you quit a job or got fired
  • That time you texted the wrong person something inappropriate
  • Drunk stories, bad tattoos, awful hookups, etc...

NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS! Any story that you want to share - we want to hear! But --- we are looking for COMEDIC based stories that we can have FUN talking about on stage. PLEASE REMEMBER! Every episode is FILMED/RECORDED. Please DO NOT submit a story if you are not comfortable with that. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to being filmed.

Please fill out the form below with as much detail as you can!

We will be reading every story and then picking as many as we can to talk about during the show.

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ONE SENTENCE SUMMARY ABOUT YOUR STORY: Examples: "We tricked our high school teacher into taking us to a nude beach in an attempt to get her fired" "I found out my boyfriend cheated on me and before breaking up with him I made food for his birthday party and put laxatives in everything that his entire family ate" *
AS MUCH DETAIL AS POSSIBLE ABOUT THE STORY: This doesn't have to be a novel but as much detail as you can share about the story ahead of time, the better! This is what we will be reading on stage BEFORE bringing you up and also how we determine who we bring on stage. Spill the tea, give us all the gossip, all the drama, all the juicy details - we want to know as much as possible about what happened. Don't stress about how you write it or if it's in perfect grammatical format. Ramble as much as you want in your own way of speaking/writing.

Thank You! 
We look forward to reading about your trauma & seeing you on TOUR!!! 
- Elton, Matt & Corey
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