Avoiding Diseases - Places
This is an important survey about improving the health of your family and the whole community.

Your views are critical and we greatly appreciate your opinions on places where MULTIPLE people use toilets/bathrooms which can bring other people’s diseases to your family.

Studies show that bad toilet behaviours cause you and your family to be covered in other people’s toilet germs.

All participants will be able to view the report of these results.
Do you agree/disagree with the following statements :

If NOT applicable, please leave blank
I do not want any of my family to be sick due to other people's bad toilet/bathroom behaviours
Changing bad toilet/bathroom habits to prevent the spreading of diseases needs to occur
My children’s school should do more to change students’ bad toilet habits, creating a healthier study environment
My or my partner's workplace should do more to ensure good toilet behaviours, creating a healthier work environment
I do not want to go a restaurant or café where other patron’s toilet behaviours could pass their sicknesses to me and my family
I do not want to go to a shopping centre or mall where other shopper's bad toilet habits could lead to their diseases spreading to me and my family.
I do not want to put my aged parents into a facility that has a higher illness risk due to bad toilet behaviours
Which of the following places do you think other peoples bad toilet/bathroom behaviours would spread disease to families?
1 Agree
2 Does Not Apply
3 Disagree
Restaurants, Cafes
Shopping Centres, Malls
Hospitals & Other Health Facilities
Transport - Airports, Train Stations
Aged Care Facilities
Holidays, Resorts, Cruise Ships
Sports & Entertainment Venues
Hotels and Other Shared Accomodation
If there are other places that you think toilet diseases might introduce sickness to families - Please State
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Your Age
Your Country and Post Code - e.g. Australia 6035
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Your Gender
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