Southbank Trail Town Business Check List
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Overall Impressions
Is there a gateway point to enter and/or leave town (like a piece of art/mural/sign)?
Do business hours match customers’ needs (i.e., open on weekends)?
Are downtown businesses clustered in a compact area?
Are customers greeted warmly when they walk through the door?
Are merchandise and stores clean and well-kept?
Are window displays appealing and inviting?
Are there window displays that show off the community’s heritage?
Accommodating to Visitors
Are there public-accessible restrooms in the businesses?
Do businesses offer information on the town/region?
Is there a tourism information and visitor center or other place to get information?
Is there a hospitality program for front-line people in restaurants, hotels or gas stations?
Can employees answer questions about the town or region?
Do employees answer questions in a friendly manner?
Do shops carry souvenirs, especially related to the town?
Business Signs
Is business signage clearly visible and well-designed?
Do the signs clearly state what is being sold?
Do businesses clearly indicate that they’re open?
Are business hours posted on front door or window?
Does Your Town Have the Following Types of Businesses and Service?
Outdoor vending machines
Coffee Shop
Ice Cream shops
Candy/chocolate shop
Family-style restaurant
Fast-food or chain restaurant
Informal café
Bar or tavern
Restaurant with liquor service
Restaurants the serve local food
Bicycle rentals
Horse rentals
Canoe, kayak rentals
Fishing boat rentals
Bicycle equipment and repair
Horse equipment and repair
Boat repair
Hotel or Inn
Horse camp or stables
Horse camp or stables
Secure bicycle storage at lodging properties
Nearby camping
Nearby camping
Service & Amenities
Convenience store/quick stop
Drug Store
24-hour ATM
Emergency medial service
WiFi, 3G, or 4G service, cellular reception
Shuttle service to trail beginning or general delivery as needed
Antique/art/other shopping
Taxi service
Access to public e-mail service (i.e. at library, café)
Library, local historic society office and/or museum
Are store and museum open on weekends
Entertainment/local performance/music venues
Does the town use special events to encourage people to come to town?
Do businesses use clever marketing tactics to invite people in (i.e., free ice cream)?
Does the town organize or promote town-to-town bike or horse rides?
Is the trail linked to downtown events and happenings?
Is the town linked to trail events and happenings?
Do businesses cross-promote?
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