Portland-Metro People's Coalition (PMPC) 2020 People's Platform
The 20 organizations of the PMPC have ratified this 2020 People's Platform. Do you share our 20/20 Vision? Please indicate your position under each policy, then add comments in the "Other" section if you wish. Remember to press submit at the bottom of the form when you are done. Thank you for participating in our survey! Please forward this survey far and wide: http://bit.ly/PMPC2020. #PMPC #2020Vision #peoplepowerPDX

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Led by Sisters of the Road, Right 2 Survive
The Right to Rest Ordinance prohibits discrimination in public spaces based on housing status. This ordinance protects unhoused people's right to protect themselves from the elements. Criminalizing necessary life-sustaining activities like sitting, lying, resting or eating in public when someone has nowhere else to do these things further entrenches people in houselessness. Ending the criminalization of houseless people is an essential component of ending houselessness in our communities. https://sistersoftheroad.org/, https://www.right2survive.org/, http://h4apdx.org/ *
Led by the Portland Police Reform Network
A Public and Transparent Process: There should be numerous opportunities for community members to provide meaningful input in contract negotiations between the City and the Portland Police Association. True Police Accountability: When police violate the deep trust the community has placed in them they should face real consequences. Many provisions in the current contract make it extremely difficult to discipline or fire officers for excessive use of force, racial bias, or other forms of bias-based policing. The contract must be changed to:  (1) Give an independent civilian agency explicit jurisdiction in deadly force cases and allow them to compel testimony and recommend discipline in all cases of officer misconduct.  (2) Eliminate rules that severely limit the scope of misconduct investigations and narrowly restrict how discipline is handled. (3) Require mandatory drug testing including steroids after officers use force on the public. (4) Allow people to make complaints without the offending officer having access to their name and information. https://www.uniteoregon.org/ppa_contract_letter, https://www.uniteoregon.org/ppa_side_letter *
Led by SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice)
The District Attorney (DA) is the most powerful player in the criminal legal system. As the top prosecutor, the DA has the power to decide who gets charged with what crime and influences the culture of law enforcement within their county. The goal of the Oregon DA for the People campaign is to build community power with those who are most affected by the criminal legal system and policing. Our people’s platform demands concrete actions to decrease the harmful impact that the District Attorney has on people’s lives. Below are the list of demands our coalition wants the DA to commit to within their first 100 days of office. (1) Stop Targeting Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Immigrant Communities (2) Treat Kids Like Kids (3) Decline to Prosecute Individuals with Mental Health Conditions (4) Commit to Ending Mass Incarceration (5) Hold Police and Prosecutors Accountable (6) Decriminalize Houselessness, Sex Work, and Drug Use. https://www.oregondaforthepeople.com/ *
Led by Portland Tenants United
Tenants needs protection from landlord bullying, harassment, and intimidation. The Tenants Protection Ordinance, based on models in other cities, will create an explicit list of landlord actions that count as harassment and demand a robust government office that can support tenants and keep them in their homes. The current Rental Services Office (RSO) does not provide this protection because it is underfunded, understaffed and — by design — limited in scope. We need a Rental Services Office that provides meaningful support by: (1) actively advocating for tenants, (2) collecting data for a comprehensive database that can be used by renters, advocates, researchers, and policymakers, (3) holds landlords accountable through a combination of licensure, mandatory education, and mediation, (4) provides direct legal assistance for tenants, and (5) empowers tenants to act collectively in defense of their homes and communities. https://www.pdxtu.org/ *
Led by Portland Chapter of DSA
Quality education is a right, not a privilege based on income or location. Providing young children with quality care and education is the best way to raise high school graduation rates, lower incarceration rates, and reduce unemployment. But many families are burdened with monthly childcare costs as high as their rent or mortgage payment, just for one child. Having one or more children in preschool means that both parents MUST work just to survive. Universal Preschool NOW! will provide play-based, culturally-responsive preschool in the parents' choice of setting. This preschool will be free to all Multnomah County families, regardless of family income and guarantees to pay preschool caregivers and teachers a living wage. UP NOW! will be funded through a new tax on very high incomes and will not increase taxes for at least 95% of households. The UP NOW! funding structure will allow sustainability and growth for the future. https://upnow2020.org/ *
Led by Alliance for Democracy, Portland Forward
Money is the largest influencer of political decision-making at all levels of government, including the city. The presence of large contributions from special interests discourages people from running for office, makes people distrust their government and therefore undermines our democracy. Almost 90% of Multnomah County and Portland voters approved strict campaign contribution limits and disclosure requirements for independent expenditures in ads (called taglines). In the 2019 Oregon State Legislative session the legislature referred SJR18 to the ballot. The ballot measure would amend the Oregon State Constitution to explicitly legalize campaign contribution limits and disclosures enabling the local campaign finance reform measures to be fully enforceable and legally defensible. We support passage of the SJR18 ballot measure on the 2020 statewide ballot. https://www.honest-elections.com/, http://www.afd-pdx.org/, https://www.portlandforward.org/ *
Led by Portland Forward
This ordinance establishes a city-owned Municipal Public Bank that keeps our money in Portland, investing in the things we need, and creates new non-tax revenues for our public treasury in the process. Our municipal bank’s mission is to serve the interest of the people of Portland to create healthy, secure communities through affordable housing, low-cost student loans, small business lending and greatly reducing the cost of public infrastructure. The municipal bank would partner with already existing community banks and credit unions. A public bank could help end the cycle of more debt, more taxes, and cutting of public services. http://www.afd-pdx.org/about-public-banking.html, https://www.portlandforward.org/ *
Led by Municipal Broadband PDX
Seeks to create a publicly-owned and operated fiber optic broadband internet utility—built to serve our community. Municipal Broadband will protect Net Neutrality, provide gigabit speeds at lower cost than current large monopolistic internet service providers, and will create a modern infrastructure that will provide technical and economic benefits to Portland Metro residents and businesses for decades. The buildout of the fiber network (funded by bonds and paid back over time by subscribers) and operation of the internet utility will create family-wage STEM jobs and generate economic opportunities for marginalized and under-resourced communities, including communities of color—and subsidized broadband will help close the current gap of the 30% of low-income households without broadband. https://municipalbroadbandpdx.org/ *
Led by Portland Harbor Community Coalition
The City, Metro, Port of Portland, and other responsible parties shall adopt a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) for the Superfund clean-up of the Willamette River.  The CBA will be developed by communities disproportionately impacted by Portland Harbor toxins, who will sign onto the legal agreement with agencies. *Impacted communities: Native Americans, Black/African American, Immigrants, Refugees, and Houseless. The CBA will have benefits and standards for impacted communities, including: Construction (Cleanup & Restoration), including contracting (standards created pre-bid process, and enforced to all sub-contractors via CBA) and workforce (All contractors and sub-contractors will be binded via CBA); Public Access, Land Ownership, and Stewardship, including public access, land ownership, stewardship of wetlands; Health Awareness and Health Policy, including Health Awareness, Education, and Outreach; Community Health Funding and Health Policy Recommendations; Recreation; Pollution Control, Disposal, and Transportation; Ongoing Oversight of Water, Air, and River Sediment Toxins, including community stakeholders in leadership; Future Economic/Housing Development; and Community Grants and Endowment. http://ourfutureriver.org/ *
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