This survey is intended to capture the experience of patients accessing services from CLCH Sexual Health Hertfordshire during contingency arrangements in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have changed the way in which we provide services in several fundamental ways and want to record how patients have responded to these changes in order to be able to learn from the experience as a service and to develop new models of working in the future.
Age at last birthday
Date of first contact with clinic for current episode
1. How did you make the initial contact with the clinic on this occasion?
Clear selection
2. Following your initial contact with the clinic, where were you directed to?
Clear selection
3. Please rate your level of satisfaction with the service used.
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied
Did not use the service
Online testing
Online contraception
Telephone triage
Attended clinic
Clear selection
4. Compared to the normal systems of walk-ins and booked appointments do you feel that the telephone consultation currently in place made your experience of using the service better or worse?
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5. Please give reasons for your answer in QUE 4
6. Please tell us anything that you felt went well or anything that could be improved in relation to your recent experience of the service.
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