Nomination for UWC Mahindra Summer Camp
Form for Educators (Teachers, School Leaders) and Community Mentors to nominate students for UWC Mahindra 2020 Summer Youth Camp!
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(Poster from last year's 2019 Camp)
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Programme participants must be nominated by educators and youth mentors. We do not accept self-nominations from students, their parents or family friends. We describe educators and youth mentors as school teachers & heads of schools, co-curricular programme teachers (tuition, sports, arts etc.), youth group coordinators (including religious & community groups), and non-profit professionals working on programmes with youth as beneficiaries.
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Please provide us with your Title / School / Youth Organization / NGO as applicable. If you straddle two roles (professional/volunteer) or mentored your nominee students in a different role, please provide details of both.
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Please give us a few lines on your own background and connection to education and youth.
Optional question, but we'd love to know more about the passionate educators and youth mentors who are making these nominations.
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