Dhrupad Classical Workshop registration form

Brought to you by Association for India's Development and Surageet @ Johns Hopkins University.

A workshop in classical vocal music and Dhrupad with Ustad F Wasifuddin Dagar and percussion by Pandit Mohan Shyam Sharma (Pakhawaj) is also
open for registration. In addition, the musicians are available for one-on-one lessons, during concert tours for which arrangements can be
made by emailing dhrupad@gamil.com.

Price: $40 / session, $160 for all 5 sessions. To be paid during the session by cash/check.

April 17–20, Maryland Hall 309, 5 pm - 7 pm
April 21, Maryland Hall 114, 5 pm - 7 pm

Johns Hopkins University,
Homewood Campus,
3400 N Charles St,

Contact information: info@aidjhu.org
Website: www.aidjhu.org

Whether your ambition is to sing Khayal, Dhrupad, Ragam-tanam, Bhajan or film music, proper voice training can help you sing
notes exactly in tune and project your voice better. This four-day workshop will explore the learning of Indian Classical vocal training
in the context of the Dhrupad style. With its accent on voice culture and the purity of notes and music, the Dhrupad style makes for a
great introduction to Indian music as well as learning to sing. That is why Dhrupad is a popular training ground for Indian singers of
all denominations. We invite you to come discover your singing potential.

The workshops are designed with both the beginner and the enthusiast in mind, and participants should be able to find their preferred mix of lecture-demonstration and participatory learning. The themes for the workshops are

- Voice culture and training techniques
- Raga exploration through alap technique, structure, use of the bol of alap
- Improvisation in classical singing; the use of laya and taal
- Learning and singing of a Dhrupad composition

Percussion workshop are offered in conjunction with the above if there is enough demand for it. This workshop
demonstrates the use of time cycles in Dhrupad. The technique of playing Pakhawaj will be useful for Tabla
players and percussionists.

DHRUPAD - Dhrupad is the oldest and most profound style of Indian classical vocal music. Dagarvani
dhrupad, a genre that was nearly extinct half a century ago has prospered due to the unique dedication of the Dagar family.

Padmashri Ustad F. Wasifuddin Dagar represents the 20th generation of dedicated dhrupad singers in the
Dagar family. He is the nephew of Ustad N. Zahiruddin Dagar and son of Ustad N. Faiyazuddin Dagar, the
legendary younger "Dagar Brothers". Though traditionally his family has always performed
dhrupad as a duet, Wasif successfully presents the dynamic of a duet in a solo performance
by maintaining the distinct musical approaches and styles of both his father and uncle.

For more details about both artists, visit: www.dagarvani.org and www.mohanshyamsharma.com

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