BURN2 2018 Plot Lottery (Plottery)
BURN2 is an official Regional organization and the October BURN is an official Burning Man Regional event immersed in and expressing the Ten Principles of Burning Man. The BURN in Second Life will occur this October 19-28. It is resident funded and produced. We are radically self-reliant!

This is the registration form for the BURN2 2018 Plot Lottery, which is part of our gifting economy in the Second Life Burning Man Community. It gives you a chance to use a 512 square meter plot with 156 prims/LI allocated to it without paying any camp costs during the October BURN event. You do not have to have building skills to be able to win a plot and it does not have to be a theme camp.

*Entering into the Plot Lottery is not a guarantee that you will receive a plot.*

This is how it works:
- You can enter only ONCE per First Life Person. No stuffin' the Plottery Box with Alt names! You may only win one plot.
- You will need to fill out this form as well: https://burn2.org/irobot-plotowner-plottery - your answers will help us with proper placement of your plot.
- We need a valid email address to notify you, if you win a plot in the lottery.
- Plot Lottery entries close when we run out of available plottery placements (we do have a limited number of lottery plots availble).
- Lottery winners will be selected randomly. A Standby list will be generated as well.
- Lottery winners will be notified by email as award decisions are made and will be asked to read the Ten Principles of Burning Man ( http://burn2.org/ten-principles ) as well as the Builders Rules and Guidelines for both Alkali "Low Rules" sim and the other sims ( https://burn2.org/irobot2018-builderguide ) and agree to them for the event. Failure to agree will result in the plot being reassigned.
- Builds will be to "Playa Aesthetics" - you will be expected to attend at least ONE information session, even if you have done it before.
- Lottery winners will have until Sunday, 30 September 2018 to acknowledge and accept a plot. You can request to be near a friend at this time and we will try to arrange it if we can. If the Lottery winner does not select a plot by the 30th of September, then someone on the Standby list will be selected.
- You will be required to build on your plot during the BURN2 BURN build period. You will be notified of the deadline to put something on your plot. If you have not built by the deadline then your plot will be assigned to someone on the Standby List.
- To build on your plot you will need to be invited to the BURN2 Access group to gain access to the sim. Please have a group slot free. You will receive the builder tag after attending an information session.
- These plots cannot be combined with other plots, traded, resold, or gifted.
- BURN2 may advise you of other important guidelines and dates. Please join the Burningman 2.0 group where you will see announcements.

When You Sign Up for the Plot Lottery...
It is assumed that you will follow the Ten Principles of Burning Man ( http://burn2.org/ten-principles ) and the Builder's Guidelines ( https://burn2.org/irobot2018-builderguide ). You will also be asked to attend at least one short information session - you will receive your builder tag when you attend.
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