THRIVE: Meant for More
Thank you for following God's prompt and submitting your commitment card. Items 1-6 reflect the open boxes on the commitment card found on page 32 of the Thrive guidebook. All personal information, such as your name/address/phone/email, is confidential and optional.
1. My current annual giving amount is... *
2. My expanded annual generosity for the Thrive Initiative is... *
3. Total the answers #1 & #2 and type it below *
4. Since Thrive is a two-year initiative, multiple the answer in #3 by 2 and type it below *
5. Will you be using any additional gifts from stored resources? Please indicate amount below.
6. Total the answers #4 & #5 to reach your Two-Year Commitment amount and note below. *
Please provide your First and Last Name (If married, include your spouse name if you wish to give as a family unit.)
Please provide your complete mailing address (street, state, zip!)
Phone number (cell preferred). Indicate if number is cell or home.
My email address is...
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