GDI Organizational Talent Research
The GDI Talent Acquisition Team would like to thank you for participating in this survey. Our goal is to collect data on current organizational trends in hiring practices, leadership, and leadership development. We are extremely passionate about identifying ways we can better serve our clients, and a great way to accomplish this]is through research.

The survey should take about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Your results are anonymous and will only be used in aggregate form. If you have any questions about the survey or the research, please contact Christopher Rios at

These questions deal with your belief around general industry-wide hiring practices. They are not specific to any one company you may have worked at, unless otherwise stated.
To what extent do you believe current organizational hiring practices are effective?
Not very
Very much
Why do you believe or NOT believe that current hiring practices are effective?
Your answer
Have you worked with an Executive Search Firm in the past?
If you answered 'Yes' to the previous question, to what extent do you believe it was a positive experience?
Not very
Very much
Why or why wasn't the experience working with an Executive Search Firm positive?
Your answer
In the current stage of your career, what is the number one factor you consider when a job opportunity is presented?
What salary increase would it take for you to be recruited away for a similar position, in a similar organization?
How did you get your current or last position?
In your opinion, what is more important for effective leadership?
Should an individual in a leadership position have more technical knowledge than the individuals that he leads?
What does great leadership look like to you?
Your answer
If you were looking to hire someone for a leadership position in the near future, what would be the top 5 traits you would look for and why?
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How are leaders/ high potentials IDENTIFIED in your organization?
Your answer
How are leaders/ high potentials DEVELOPED in your organization?
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Does your company offer sponsored training?
How much are you willing to spend out-of-pocket for training beneficial to your career?
Have you ever been part of a formal coaching or mentoring program?
Have you ever had informal mentoring or coaching? Someone that you could speak to for professional guidance?
Please describe your experience with formal or informal coaching and/or mentorship. Was it a positive experience? Why or why not?
Your answer
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