FAME Member Survey for March 1 FMQ
This form is meant for us to gather much needed information as we work on updating our records and to gather preferences. Rather than conducting multiple surveys we are trying to respect your time by combining them into one. Thank you so very much for taking 5 minutes to complete this for us.
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Info needed for our State Affiliate Renewal
Are you interested in purchasing the NEW AASL Standards book at a discounted cost of $99? *
We will most likely place this option onto our conference registration form, as we are only permitted one shipment order from the entire state. Prepaid books will be picked up during our conference in November. No extras will be ordered.
We hope to hold Regional meetings. Please mark all that apply. *
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Are you interested in joining our soon to be formed ad hoc committee on sexual harassment? *
This is in conjunction with the #MeToo movement; especially since it has come to light that it has hit the KidLit World. For more information read Lucretia Miller's article in the March 1 FMQ.
Are you interested in joining our ad hoc committee on diversity? *
For more information read Maria O'Brien's article in the March 1 FMQ.
One of our fall conference workshops will be a Makey Makey Train the Trainer. Are you interested in participating so that you could then train others in your Region? *
Class will be limited to about 30 attendees total; it will be a full day workshop on Wednesday, 11/28/18. We are looking for representatives for each Region across the state.
We are considering offering sessions in our Learning Lab (previously known as the Digital Hub) where you could purchase materials/supplies/items directly on the conference registration, which would automatically enroll you in a session to learn how to use them. Thoughts??? *
The Florida Library Association (FLA) has saved one concurrent session slot for FAME to do a presentation during their annual conference in Orlando May 23-25). Would you be interested in being part of putting something together? *
Our Professional Development Committee would like your input. Which method of monthly PD are you most interested in? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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