eazyBI Community Days 2019
We are pleased to announce that eazyBI Community Days in 2019 will take place in 2 locations: Las Vegas, NV, USA (April 12, 2019) and Rīga, Latvia on (May 16-17, 2019).

We invite our customers, partners, and active eazyBI users to take the stage at eazyBI Community Days event.

Have you built or integrated an eazyBI reporting solution in your company or for your client? Perhaps you have found an interesting perspective on your data? Share your knowledge, ideas, stories, and insights with other eazyBI users in a 30-min presentation at the eazyBI Community Days.

Whether you’re a first-time speaker or an experienced one, we want you to hear from you. There are no limits to where the presentations can come from. We encourage individuals of all backgrounds to submit their ideas.

Featured speakers will receive a free pass to eazyBI Community Days and a free hotel room for the time of the event (for Riga event only).

We look forward to hear your ideas. Not sure? Drop us a line to marketing@eazybi.com.

Find more information about both events here - eazybi.com/events

Choose the event location in which would like to take part as a speaker *
Presentation Format
25-minute presentation, followed by a 5-minute Q&A time.

Tips for a good presentation:
* Provide a context and describe the problem/issue
* Tell us how your solution could be applied universally and what the main benefits are
* Show how to implement the solution
* Explain the result (examples of implemented solution)
* Provide 2–3 takeaways of successful use cases, best practices, or how-tos

Important Dates
Submission deadline is February 30, 2019.

The final agenda for eazyBI Community Days 2019 in Riga and Las Vegas will be announced in the end of February 2019.

Event will take place on April 12 in Las Vegas, NV, USA or on May 16-17 in Rīga, Latvia.

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