Pledge: Send Rebecca to Congress!
I'm considering a run for Congress on a platform including:

✅Medicare for All
✅Green New Deal with living-wage, union jobs & federal jobs guarantee
✅Housing as a human right
✅Universal, national rent control
✅Free college tuition
✅End cash bail
✅Worker ownership and strengthening of unions

Our district (WA-6) has the fastest rising rent in the country, the highest meth use in the country, and some of the highest overdose death rates in the state. College students are sleeping in their cars. In Aberdeen, population 16,000, 1,000 people are homeless, and 100 of them live in an encampment by the river because the shelters are full.

Many parts of our district have been used and forgotten, and others are treated as landfills for the rich.

My candidacy would be a long shot. We'd be running against an incumbent who has $3 million cash on hand. Who's taken millions from Wall Street, real estate, insurance companies, defense contractors, and lobbyists.

We have until 2030 to limit climate change catastrophe and many in our district are living in a catastrophe daily — in need of food, shelter, and healthcare.

A corporate Democrat who takes money from the very people devastating our district isn't the person who can help us.

I'm a queer woman, a tenant, a small business owner, and an active member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). My rent has gone up 16% and my health insurance 20%. I've been on Medicaid and food stamps. I've watched the Right's attack on women and the LGBTQ+ community with alarm, because it affects me personally.

I know our district's struggle because I've lived it and I can represent our district with the urgency our situation requires. I can help the people of Washington's 6th.

Please pledge whatever you can right now. The more money I raise on launch day, the more attention and media coverage my campaign will get, and the momentum will only build from there!

$1, $27 — whatever you can contribute is YUUUGE.

Thank you!

-Rebecca Parson

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