BCC Artist Assessment
To help BCC more effectively advocate for you, your art, and your growth and impact as a working artist, please help us to understand your work by responding to the following.

Be assured your responses will remain confidential. The information will be used in the aggregate to advocate for the importance of a vibrant, creative economy, and to get money and resources into the hands of working artists.

If you give specific permission to publicize your art (see #5 below) BCC will work with you to increase your outreach and impact.
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1. Please explain how this pause in the economy has affected your ability to book, attend, create gigs, mount shows, make sales, hold classes or workshops.
2. Specifically, how has this impacted you financially (i.e. money earned from your art)? How much money were you counting on generating from your art and how do you get paid (self employed? file W2 form? other?) This information is VITAL for BCC to know as we contact funding sources and advocate for you.
3. Please share a story or two illustrating who you are as an artist, performer, arts educator, convener, booker, artivist.
4. What new plans, changes or expansions were/are you considering for your art, artivism or organizing work? .
5. We invite you to send along a video, painting, graphics, photos, or recording if you would like your work to be shared via BCC's social media. Please send attachments to: info@belfastcreativecoalition.org.
6. Please tell us your name, address, phone number, Facebook page, and/or website where this applies.
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