Children Virtual Quran Memorization Registration
** IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration is NOW OPEN. Available seats are LIMITED. * *
Program FEE: $10/month each child [Financial assistance available if needed]
Program Period: June 8th - August 7th (2 months)

Please fill out registration form below:
- Student must be at least 6 years of age
- Student must be on time for the assigned classes
- Student must be able to read Qura'n ( Students unable to read will be placed in Noorani Qaidah Reading Sessions)
- Student must have access to computer or laptop or cellphone and internet
- The administration has the option of removing a student who is disturbing the session
- All the sessions will be conducted via zoom for one hour each
Student First Name *
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How many Surahs of the Quran the student has memorized? *
Preferred time slots for sessions? (We May not be able to place all students in their preferred slots) *
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