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Attn: Health Status of Children in Hawai‘i Report Feedback Survey
1010 Richards St. Suite 911
Honolulu, HI 96813
FAX: (808) 586-6110
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The Family Health Services Division is committed to making the Health Status of Children in Hawai‘i Report as useful and user-friendly as possible. Your completion of this brief survey will provide us with information to improve and continue to share with you the most useful data available. If you have any questions about this survey, want to be added or removed from the distribution list for this or similar reports; please contact us directly at the information listed above.

Please mail or fax both pages of this survey to us at the contact information listed. If you prefer, this survey can also be completed online at
1. Your organization or role is best describe as a: *
2. The Data Book helps you accomplish: *
3. Please rate your agreement with the following characteristics for this report:
1=Strongly Disagree
5= Strongly Agree
Provides quality information
Clearly written
Easy to understand
Well organized
Graphics (charts, tables, etc.) are easy to understand
Highlights data on key issues
Improves understanding of key issues
Helpful to my work
4. Please describe how you use the information shared in this book (knowing specific examples would be helpful)
Your answer
5. Which health indicators/information did you use most often in your work?
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6. Which health indicators/information were less important in your work?
Your answer
7. What other data/information would like included in future Data Books?
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