Badmintonphoto's Free Access Contract for players
This is a contract for all players wishing to benefit from Badmintonphoto's free services, Courtesy of the BWF and Badmintonphoto.

This allows all players with a BWF ID to be able to use these images in all of their online platforms - social media and official websites (only) Free of use. Only players with images appearing in BP's database will be granted an access, in the form of a confidential login and password.

This service is paid for by the BWF for the promotion of the players with an access since 2018, and Badmintonphoto has topped this offer with a free access to all previews years as well and non contracted events such as former Olympic Games.

Matches are randomly selected and there are no guarantees that your match will be featured in the coverage of the day. We will cover major upsets as well as all players involved in semi finals and finals matches. No requests can be done directly to Badmintonphoto. Only players who purchased our "Gold pack" are guaranteed a coverage of most or all of their matches.

No third party whatsoever are allowed to use these images and you are allowed to download your own images only. On official websites, a mention must be written somewhere about the fact that all images belong to Badmintonphoto and are under copyright. Any misuse will result in a closure of your account and possible invoicing.

 2023's coverage from our team of photographers :
- All HSBC BWF World Tour Super 500
- All HSBC BWF World Tour Super 750
- All HSBC BWF World Super 1000
- HSBC BWF World  finals 
- BWF - TOTAL Sudirman Cup
- BWF World Junior team and Individual Championships

For any access to the following events, which are not part of this contract, you have to buy a Gold pack :
- Any HSBC BWF World Tour  Super 300 event or lower grade (Super 100, International Challenge)
- National Championships / Private leagues
- Continental team and Individual Championships
- Multisport events (Commonwealth Games, European Games, Asian Games, Sea Games, etc)

Upgrade for GOLD PACK
If you want to get the guarantee that we'll cover your matches, or have access to non contracted events, you can go for a GOLD Pack, which is a paying option (very reasonable prices) and you can get images in high resolution, use them for many things. Click here to register :

If you have any questions, or if you want to use one or more image for other purposes, we will send you a quote. Send us an email at

Players have to fill this form themselves and give correct information (a double check will be done directly with the player)

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