Marquee Request: Happy Birthday Gram
The Academic Booster Club (ABC) is pleased to offer the opportunity to recognize your CV Student/Friends birthday by putting their special day on the marquee, located at the front of the school! Simply fill out the form below. Please note the following:

1. Only three birthdays on any given day will be shown.
2. Once the below form is completed, you will see a link to pay for the message. Each message is $10.
3. To maintain confidentiality, we will only put the students first name and last initial.
4. All requests must be in ten (10) days before the student's birthday.

All collected fees will go towards academic programs, student scholarships, teacher appreciation events, technical/av equipment and much, much more! Join the ABC to let your voice be heard and support Castle View HS!
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Birthday (month and date only) *Marquee runs Monday-Saturday. If the birthday falls on a Sunday, it will run on the Saturday before *
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