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We will connect you with other people from the church family to get together, have dinner, and spend the evening having fun and getting to know each other. You won't know exactly with whom you're having dinner until you get there or your guests arrive, but you might be able to guess. You can sign up as an individual, couple or family. We will plan out who's connecting with whom and let the hosts know how many adults and children of what ages are coming and let the guests know an address.

There are two dates planned, February 10 & March 3 (both Saturdays). You can participate in one or (ideally) both. You can host or be hosted. The general idea is that, hopefully, most people will be able to do both days and have one chance to host and one chance to be hosted, but there is 100% flexibility on what works for you. Again, in general, it will be good if the guests can bring dessert, but it's 100% flexible. Just fill in the information below, and we'll sort it out.

Please take advantage of this chance to get to know someone in the Trinity Family.

If you have questions or if there's anything not covered below you want to let us know, email Andy Morris -

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