Matsuricon 2018's Friday Night Fashion Show
What is it?
Returning for the second year, we have listened and heard you: You want to allow original characters/designs, gijinka, lolita, furries, etc. to be allowed to compete in the masquerade. Matsuricon's Cosplay department wanted to see your creativity and talent in a whole new light, so we are opening submissions for our Fashion show: where you can create an outfit inspired by an anime, manga, video game, movie, pop culture, or even something that's completely original!

That's right: You may compete with an outfit that has been made by you, that can be an original character, a podcast character, or a dress inspired by a character from any media. We want to see you be as creative as possible!

There are NO pre-judging times. What will happen is Friday Night prior to the start of the event and the judges will take a look at your costume up closer, then you will able to walk down the catwalk, show off your costume to the audience and judges, the judges will give you feedback about your work, and the best in show will win a cash prize!

The Rules:

1. You must have made at least 75% of your outfit.

2.We will NOT allow closet cosplay, commissioned costumes, or bought costumes to enter this contest. You MAY have a model to display your work if you do not wish to wear it.

3.This is a free for all! Compete with any costume you like. We just ask you have made it. As long as you follow our security rules, we will allow anything and everything to be submitted. You can find our rules for dress code and weapons here: Dress Code

4. You can create ANY type of outfit to compete. This includes, dresses, a whole new outfit for a character, a steampunk original design, pokemon gijinkas, swimsuit cosplays, etc. Your limit is your creativity.

5. HAVE FUN! This is a fun event that's meant to be less stressful than the Cosplay Masquerade, and allow people to compete who previously would not be able to in the masquerade.

Good luck and we can't wait to see your work!

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Thank you!
We look forward to seeing your beautiful designs at the convention!
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