WTU Teacher Leaders Program - Action Research Survey
Hello! Thank you for taking a few moments to complete my action research survey.

My name is Shannon Robichaud, and I am a member of the WTU Teacher Leaders Program for the 20-21 school year. I have taught for about 6 years in Washington, DC as a Kindergarten/1st Grade Teacher.

As part of the WTU Teacher Leaders Program, I am conducting research on the following topic: "How does the temporary removal of students from class consequence of the student discipline policy affect students' mental health?" Your anonymous participation in this brief survey will aid my research. If you have any additional questions, feel free to email me at srobichaud16@gmail.com. Thanks again for your time!
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If you live in DC, in what ward do you teach? *
If you do not live in DC, where do you teach? If you teach in DC, please enter "N/A." *
For how many years have you been teaching? *
Does your school have a specific protocol when it comes to removing students from class? *
If you answered "yes," to the previous question, please briefly describe this protocol. If you answered "no," please enter "N/A." *
On average, how many times are students sent out of your class in a typical school day? *
If a student is sent out of your class, what are the reasons? Check all that apply. *
Is there a protocol for welcoming students back into the class? If yes, please describe it briefly. If no, please enter "N/A." *
OPTIONAL: In your opinion, is removing a student from class a helpful way to regulate student behavior? Please briefly explain your answer.
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