DASMD Scholarship Application
This is a need based scholarship for a semester of classes at the Deborah Abel School of Modern Dance. We welcome dancers of all ages to apply! Dance should be accessible to all, and in this especially difficult time, we would like to extend helping hand. As with all of our students, we are looking for dancers who are enthusiastic and committed to dance class, no matter what level they are at.
A reminder that we are looking for 2-3 years of prior dance experience for the 7&8 Grade and High School classes. Sometimes experience in comparable movement disciplines like gymnastics or ice skating can replace dance experience.
Similarly, the Adult class is an Intermediate/Advanced technique class and students are expected to have a strong technical background in order to register.
Visit www.deborahabelschoolofmoderndance.org for more information on Class Schedule, Fees, Descriptions & More.
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We really hope to support you/your student's dance education through our school. If we give you our 100% investment in you/your dancer, we ask that you give your 100% back. You will be expected to come to all classes on time and participate fully, and if there is a reason you must miss a class you must notify the instructor. Please tell us how much your family is able to contribute to dance tuition at this time? (See Class Fees on our website https://www.deborahabelschoolofmoderndance.org/class-schedule-and-fees) If you are selected, your scholarship would cover the remainder of your tuition, whatever your family's contribution. *
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