Community Twitch Mod Program Application
Requirements to become a Community Twitch Mod for Queer Women Game:

* Must have been a member of the discord community for at least 2 weeks
* Must be active in the discord community (speak relatively regularly)
* Must be in good standing in the discord community (no warnings or timeouts)
* Must be willing to be active in QWG streamer’s chats
* Must be willing to follow the streamers that add you to their channel as mods
* Must be willing to follow the streamer’s chat’s rules and enforce them

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How much modding experience on twitch do you have? *
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Are you a mod on any other twitch channels? If so, which channels? *
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Are you willing to learn and follow the chat rules of QWG streamers that add you to their channel? *
How often are you on twitch? *
What time of the day do you usually watch streams? Please include your country and timezone. *
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Thank you for your application!
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