Alumni Questionnaire
Thank you for being willing to participate in our alumni survey. Your response will help us to better serve all of our students, and improve our programs. The information you include in this survey will stay private, and will only be shared internally at AlbanyCanCode, unless you give us permission to share it elsewhere.
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What Class(es) and Cohort(s) were you a part of? (ex. FEWD in Fall 18, SQL in Summer 19, etc)
"Before I studied with AlbanyCanCode..."
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"Before my AlbanyCanCode class..."
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What was your level of education prior to participating in your ACC class?
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What was your monthly income before your AlbanyCanCode class? (estimate is fine)
What is your monthly income now? One of the metrics that we use to measure and demonstrate the success of our program is the average and median of salary increases reported by our alumni. We will never share your personal information, including salary and employment history, without your express permission.
Have you taken other classes or continued your education elsewhere?
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If you answered yes to the previous question, please provide more specifics.
What was your prior employer and job title?
What is your current employer and job title?
In a general sense, what impact has your ACC class (or classes) had on your life?
How would you improve the ACC classes you participated in?
What did you find helpful about your experience with ACC?
Were the job services and mentoring helpful for you in developing your career prospects?
How can we improve these offerings?
How have your career goals changed since you took your ACC class?
What additional resources would help you the most in transitioning into the tech field?
Do you have any other feedback you’d like to share with us?
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