Listening to the SIGDOC community
We are reaching out to learn more about your experience with SIGDOC ( We're interested in hearing from our community to understand how we can better meet your needs. The feedback you share with us will be anonymous and used to help plan the future of the organization.

If you have specific questions or would like to discuss any of your feedback in more detail, please reach out to Emma Rose, Chair ( or Kristen Moore, Secretary/Treasurer (

What is SIGDOC?
The ACM Special Interest Group for Design of Communication's (SIGDOC) mission is to advance the state of knowledge, encourage the research, and support the interdisciplinary practice of the design of communication.

We'd like to hear more from you about your ideas and vision for the organization.

Defining SIGDOC
What are SIGDOC’s defining characteristics, foci, and features?
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What kind of partnerships should SIGDOC have with communities/academic institutions/industry?
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Scholarly contributions
What kinds of scholarly contributions should CDQ, the conference, and its proceedings make? What fields should these publication venues be contributing to?
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What is the SIGDOC conference experience? How could it be improved?
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What is SIGDOC and its leadership missing or lacking? Who and or/what should be included in the organization moving forward?
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