Tompkins County Progressives
TC Progressives is the local chapter of NYPAN (New York Progressive Action Network), a new statewide progressive organization that grew out of the Bernie Sanders grassroots movement. NYPAN recruits and supports progressive candidates from all parties, and also supports issues important to progressives. For more information about the issues TCP is working on, please visit our website:
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TC Progressives is run by volunteer Members who pay dues of $27. We also welcome donations. You may become a Member or a Supporter. For details on each and payment options, please visit our website: We have a limited number of financial hardship waivers. If this is something you think you may qualify for, please indicate in the comments.
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Tompkins County Progressives Privacy Policy
We will not release your information to people or organizations outside of TCP. We use your email address to send you the TCP Newsletter. Since TCP is a chapter of NYPAN (NY Progressive Action Network), you will also receive the NYPAN newsletter. You may unsubscribe from either of these at any time. TCP's membership list is only made available to NYPAN's communication committee, not to other NYPAN chapters. TCP does not give out its mailing list to other organizations. Sometimes, a locality-specific event or action item comes our way. Your physical address allows us to target a message just to you.

If you are a paid member, you will be added to our list-serv. Your email address will only be known to others if you post a message yourself. The list-serv is used primarily for communication from the TCP executive committee to members between newsletters.
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Joining Committees
Members and Supporters will be kept up to date about local events and actions through the newsletter. Joining a committee means you want to get involved at the next level and help with the planning and direction of the group. Our current committees include: DemEnter, Economic Justice and Labor, Election Justice, Environmental Justice, Health Care, Political Action, Political Literacy and Social Justice. To find out more about the focus of each committee, or to join one, please visit our website: and email committee chairs directly.
Thank you for your interest! If you said you want to become a Member, please visit our website for payment options:
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