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Having a loved one in New York City jail can be a scary and confusing situation. The Bronx Freedom Fund is here to help bring them home.

Under current New York State law, the Bronx Freedom Fund can only pay bail for someone accused of misdemeanors, where the cash bail amount is $2000 or less. If someone you know has been arrested in the Bronx or Queens with these conditions and cannot pay bail, please fill out the form below.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to post bail for anyone outside these legal parameters, however we can provide any techincal support or questions regarding the bail process. If you are not sure whether these conditions apply, look up your loved one's bail and charge information here: If the conditions are beyond our limits, you can learn about your rights in the payment process here:

Please expect a response to your request with 48 hours. Once we have all the necessary information, we will reach out to your loved one's public defender to get more information about the case.

*The Bronx Freedom Fund is not a legal service provider, does not provide legal advice and does not act as legal counsel, serve as a member of legal team or provide legal representation. Do not distribute, disclose, or attach any confidential information, evidence, or facts surrounding your arrest(s), case(s), or legal claim(s). Any information, communication, or correspondence sent to us by you, whether via this website, email or otherwise, may not be deemed privileged or confidential, and may not have the protection of attorney-client or other applicable privilege. You should contact your attorney for any questions or concerns regarding your case, legal representation or the applicability of any legal privilege.

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