March Romance Book Fair (Free Books) March 12th - 15th
This book fair is for FREE books only. Not FREE in KU. The promotion is short enough that if your book is in KU you can use FREE promotion days. We've had a few books aren't always FREE and we just want to make sure that the readers are happy.
Cost Per Book
$5 Book Fair only
$15 Book Fair with Book Blast in our Newsletter
Yes this is open to books that are available through BookFunnel or ProlificWorks
Payments are to be made via PayPal to (Please include Free March Book Fair)
1 form per book but you can make one payment
We do request that everyone shares with their followers for the best results
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The dates for the book fair is March 12th -15th please make sure your book is priced correctly and you are able to share with your followers. *
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