Hosting a Community Feast
We have had a large amount of interest in the Community Lead Feasts. In order for us to help make this happen please could you fill out this form to give us an idea of what is needed to make these happen.

This data will be used for the purpose of helping to connect groups, venues and individuals with each other in order to produce Community Led Feasts.

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Phone Number (if you are happy to give this out )
Consent - The data used here will be used to create a database to help create Community Led Feasts. It maybe shared with other partners for the purpose of creating Community Led Feasts only. Do you consent to your data being used in this way?
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What best describes you?
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How confident are you about putting on a Feast?
have never done anything like this
regularly put on events similar to this, with food and inviting a large group to share it with us
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Have you got a venue for your feast - if so put the full address in here
What help would you need to put on a Feast?
Do you have access to any of the following?
What postcode would you ideally put your Feast on in? Please put a postcode of a public space and I can map the data.
What ward would you put on your feast in? (Greater Manchester is divided into council wards such as Moss Side, Hulme)
Would your feast be a public or private event? eg open to everyone or invite only
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In an ideal world, what would your feast look like?
What would be your reason in putting on a Feast? Some ideas: ie celebrating our community's work around Human Rights, Bringing people together
Have you ever put on an event with food before for your community?
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What organisations / people would you appraoch to put on a Feast?
Who would you invite to the Feast?
Are there any organisations / people that you think should be involved in this?
is there anything else you'd like to add?
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