Teens Love Languages Mystery Game
What’s your love language?

Do you already have a hunch? Or no clue at all? Either way, the following quiz will help you determine your primary love language.

The profile includes thirty pairs of statements. Read each pair, and choose the one that better reflects your preferences. In some pairs, both might be true, so choose which is even more you. For accurate results, you can only pick one. In the right column, circle the letter that corresponds with the statement you choose.

The profile statements describe the people you love. When we think of the five love languages, we might immediately think of romantic relationships. However, as we’ve discussed throughout the book, this applies to all your close relationships: siblings, parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, close friends, mentors, and so on.

Take the profile when you’re relaxed. Don’t rush. After you’ve made your thirty selections, click FINISH to view your results.

Good luck, and have fun!Excerpted from https://www.5lovelanguages.com/discovery-ages-teen/

The Love Language Profile for Teenagers is designed to give you a thorough analysis of your teenager’s emotional communication preference. It will single out their primary love language, what it means, and how you can use it to better understand them during this stage of their life. Invite them to take the assessment and share their results with you. Not only will you show them that you care, but that you are also striving to be a better parent.
You may want to first take the profile yourself, selecting the statements you believe most accurately describe your teen. Then once they have also taken the assessment, compare your results with theirs. This can make for a lively and constructive conversation.
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