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Conscious Homestead BIPOC Urban Farm and Wholeness Retreat is opening up this summer of 2021!  We are thrilled to offer this space for BIPOC in our community; a space that centers both being in right relationship with the land and BIPOC wholeness and liberation.

I am seeking to collaborate with BIPOC in the community who are doing land-based, healing work that centers BIPOC liberation and wholeness.  Are you looking for a space to offer your gifts to fellow BIPOC in the community?  We hope that this space can be used for a variety of offerings for BIPOC, led by BIPOC.  Some examples that come to mind are: meditation, healing circles/support groups, restorative yoga, dance, land, herbalism & food workshops, tea ceremonies, martial arts, storytelling, movement, healing arts etc.  

I am open to any idea that will center BIPOC liberation, wholeness and healing. If you are interested in collaborating and using the space I would love to make some time to either connect over the phone, Zoom or via email to discuss you vision, the details and plan.  
Details to be aware of:

-  The Space -- Conscious Homestead has a few different facilities on-site that can potentially be of use for your workshop or event.  We have a greenhouse with plenty ventilation, urban homestead gardens, plenty of outdoor space to gather safely.  Additionally we are having a geodesic dome built that can be used for workshops as well as a fire oven and outdoor kitchen on site.  We will have a compostable toilet available for use as well to the community. We are working on getting blankets, yoga mats, cushions, blocks and chairs available for use on site. Wifi is available on site.  

-  Costs -- Conscious Homestead requests that a donation/contribution be made to our GoFundMe as payment for the use of the space. We can work together to figure out what that amount will be.  What is of most importance is that quality offerings be made available to BIPOC first and foremost; in addition to building BIPOC community and co-creating connections within the community to BIPOC small business, artists, therapists, herbalists, chefs, yoga teachers, farmers, facilitators, writers, healers etc.  I don't want costs to ever be prohibitive.      

- Date Range -- Between the months of June and October 2021 are open and available for planning.  You are welcome to offer one event or many.  Together we will select the date(s) and time(s) that work best for you and the homestead event calendar.  

-  Marketing -- We will work together with you to co-market your events on our newsletter, zine, website and social media.  

Please fill out this brief form and I will get back to you via email and work on a plan to bring your vision to life on the homestead for BIPOC wholeness and liberation.  

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