Webinar- COVID-19 Impact Awareness
Dialogue Fiji will be holding a webinar on COVID-19 impact awareness, and citizens’ constitutional rights during a pandemic under the EU funded C3-Fiji project. The webinar will include 2 x 2 hour sessions on consecutive days. The exact date of the webinar will be announced soon. The webinar will be delivered using the Zoom platform.

The objectives of the webinar are to increase participants understanding of the COVID19 disease, prevalence, modes of transmissions, RO levels, current studies on treatments and vaccines, impacts on human lives as well as to increase knowledge and understanding of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Fiji, its economy, development prospects and the future outlook for the country. This webinar will create space for deliberation on citizens’ responsibilities and how to collectively respond to the impacts and new realities and also inform citizens on the applicable laws during the state of natural disaster, the constraints on their constitutional rights, and the court’s interpretation and application of these laws.

All selected participants will be provided 10gb internet data by Dialogue Fiji. You need to have Zoom capable devices in order to participate. All participants will also receive a certificate of participation following their full engagement and participation in the webinar.
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