Event feedback: CRIC Training urban sustainable development 22-23 July, 2020
Thank you for participating in our Training on Urban Sustainable Development.

This training has been organised in the framework of the CRIC project "Climate Resilient and Inclusive Cities", co-funded by the European Union.

The training has been delivered and developed by ISOCARP - Institute centre for Urban Excellence.

The partners of the project are Pilot4DEV and UCLG ASPAC (co-organisers), ACR+, ECOLISE, Gustave Eiffel University and AIILSG.

We want to read your feedback so that we can integrate your recommendations for the on site training in Samarinda in January 2021, and for the organisation of other CRIC trainings in the near future.
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Introduction: sustainable planning
Economic Prosperity of Cities and Regions
Planning for Climate action and improved urban environment
Inequality and Poverty Reduction
Urban governance
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Both presented and pre-read material
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