HonEURs x PISE Career Survey
At the HonEURs x Positive Impact Society Erasmus (PISE) career workshop you will get an introduction into "how to have maximum positive impact with your career". In other words, how do you make sure you find a job which truly makes the world a better place?

The workshop will be run by Marie Davidsen Buhl. She is a career-counselor at Effective Altruism Oxford University (To get a feel for that organisation we'd recommend this trailer: https://www.facebook.com/EAOxford/videos/1679138692385585) Her aim there is to help students find a career path which is not only highly fulfilling, but also has a big positive social impact.

In this survey you will find some questions that will help Marie tailor the workshop to themes that are relevant the audience!

Hi! What is your name? (optional)
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What do you study?
What talents/abilities/skills do you have that would help you become good at your job? Don't be humble. include everything you are good at, or even could become good in!
Are there any career-related questions that you have been thinking about lately? (e.g. what societal problem should I work on? Which master is most useful? What jobs should I apply to after my graduation? etc.)
BONUS: As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
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