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ICT and PE
1. Are you:
2. How old are you?
3. How long have you been teaching?
4. What year group are you currently teaching?
5. Does your school provide laptops to teachers for their own use in the classroom?
6. How often do you use ICT in your classroom?
7. What types of ICT do you use in your classroom?
8. Which subjects do you use ICT for?
9. Hours spend on ICT per week
10. How interested are you in sport?
Not interested
Extremely interested
11. Do you participate in any form of physical activity?
12. How often do you participate in Physical activity a week?
13. What type of physical activity do you participate in?
14. How confident are you in teaching each PE stand?
Not Confident
Extremely Confident
15. How would you rate the importance of PE in the curriculum?
Not important
Very Important
16. How would you rate the participation levels in your PE lessons?
17. Do you follow the school PE plan when planning lessons?
18. Do you teach a balance of all 6 curriculum strands?
19. How much time do you spend on PE each week?
20. Which areas of PE do you think need more focus?
21. How often does an external coach teach your students?
22. Which strands are taught by an external coach?
23. How do you think ICT could benefit PE?
Your answer
24. Do you think that ICT could improve PE participation levels in primary schools? How?
Your answer
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