RSVP for 2021 Women's Equality Day Celebration
Thank you for your interest in joining the 2021 Women's Equality Day celebration! We will have a chance to reconnect with citywide women leaders in person and announce our upcoming Women's Wellness Fair on this very important day.

WHEN: August 26, 2020 (Thursday) at 12pm
WHERE: San Francsico City Hall Steps (Goodlett)
WHO: Citywide women leaders and W Challenge's partners
WHAT: Reconnecting with women leaders and addressing women's wellness needs

The W Challenge was launched in 2018 on Women's Equality Day. It is a collaboration led by San Francisco City Administrator Carmen Chu, the Department on the Status of Women and the League of Women Voters San Francisco with a simple goal of raising women’s voices and expanding women's representation.

Each year we design a new “challenge” to encourage women to act. This year, we will turn our focus on women's wellness as the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed deep inequities and as a result, impacted women disproportionately. Through organizing the Women's Wellness Fair in fall, we want to provide resources and services for women to stay healthy so we can continue to lead and stay engaged on civic issues. WE NEED YOUR HELP in making this a successful event, please provide your input below.

We will announce details of the Women Wellness Fair with the public at the event!
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