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Be part of our next TMS prototyping sprint with TetraPak!

Your Benefits:
★ Build prototypes of future food packaging - connect the the whole supply chain from the farmer to the consumer
★ 5-day prototyping challenge with an awesome preevent in Modena, Italy
★ Work with 20 awesome Tetra Pak industry experts from all over the world
★ The former CTO of Tado and ProGlove, Valentin Sawatzki, is going to be your coach and mentor during this TMS
★ Pitch infront of 10 C-Level employees of one of THE biggest food packaging producer's in the world
★ After your pitch, you will get 10 minutes 1-0-1 Feedback from euch C-Level to discuss next steps
★ Student Talents get paid for this week (first time: 750 €, second time: 900 €)
★ Travel with us to Modena in Italy, visit 2 production facilities for ideation, and (free travel and accommodation)

What are we going to build?
★ Software and hardware prototypes
★ Any technology is possible: Apps, web apps, AR, VR, etc ....we will find out together during the ideation
★ Potential topics: Connecting food packaging to the smart kitchen, interactive retail installations, transparent supply chains, etc.

We look for...
★ 20 Talents from Data science, UI/UX, informatics, engineering, IoT and people with awesome ideas
★ 20 Professionals from Tetra Pak

Two sessions:
-> Pre-Event: We are going to Italy! :) Join our bus trip to the R&D and production facilities of Tetra Pak for a "behind the scenes" look and on-site ideation on the 30th of May to the 1st of June. We will have 1 work day and 0,5 days before and after to check out Modena and have some fun :D (Departure times will be communicated soon, probably morning of 30.5.)
-> Main Event TMS prototyping sprint: We build software and hardware prototypes for the connected package of the future along the whole supply chain of Tetra Pak, e.g. for consumers, retailers, food producers, and machine manufacturers of food packaging

When? 30.05. - 01.06.
Where? Modena, Italy (free travel and accommodation)

Main Event: Think.Make.Start.
When? 03.-07.06. (9:00 to 18:00 o'clock)
Where? UnternehmerTUM, Garching

If you have ANY question, write a mail to schneider@unternehmertum.de

Let's rock!!

The Challenge: The Connected Package
Impressions from TMS TetraPak #1 in 2018
Check out what our first Think.Make.Start. with TetraPak, where we visited them in Lund, Sweden to check out their factories!
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